Marina Bay Cruise Centre

  • Located near Marina South Pier MRT Station.
  • Park Here if you are going to:
  • Marina Bay Cruise Centre
  • Marina South Pier
  • Marina South Wharves

Services Available:
Hourly Parking, Season Parking.
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Hourly Rates (Car):

Car Parking

0701 hrs to 2230 hrs S$2.00 per hour, or part thereof for first 2 hours only

S$3.00 per hour or part thereof for subsequent hours

2231 hrs to 0700 hrs S$3.00 per entry

0700 hrs to 0659 hrs (The next day) Car Park Charges Capped at $15.00 (For Vehicles Entering the Carpark Within 07:00am to 06:59am the next day - New charges start after 07:00 am)

Grace period 10 minutes

Motorcycle Parking

All day S$1.00 per entry per day

Grace period 10 minutes

Coach Parking

All day S$2.00 per half hour or part thereof

Grace period 15 minutes


With effect from 1st April 2019, there will be a revision of parking rates taking place at the car park at Marina Bay Cruise Centre. 

We would like to inform all visitors on the revised rates as follows: 

Type of Car Park Lot

Present Rate (S$Revised Rate (S$)


Per hour of part thereof for the first two hours only


Per hour or part thereof for subsequent hours


Per Entry Rate (2231 hrs to 0700 hrs)


Maximum Rate per Day



Per Entry Rate


Coach Bay

First 15 minutes: Grace period

16th to 30 minute: $2.40

31st to 45th minute: $1.60

Subsequent 15 minutes block: $2.00