How to use public EV Chargers in Singapore?

30 January, 2023

In recent years, electric vehicles have become one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly purchases. Many people are switching to electric vehicles because of rising fuel prices and various government incentives. Of course, new EV drivers may have questions on where to charge and how to charge using our LHN’s public EV Charging Stations. In this article, we will cover all your concerns.


Types of EV Charging Stations

There are two types of electric vehicle chargers available in Singapore: the Mennekes (Type 2) charger and the Combined Charging System 2. (CCS2). The Mennekes charger uses alternating current (AC) whereas Combined Charging System 2 uses direct current (DC).


Alternating Current (AC) is often sufficient and much more cost effective than DC, and that is why it’s often use in public charging. We have explained all types of electric vehicle chargers in our previous article.  


Charging Electric Vehicle with Us

Step 1: Locate Nearby Charging Stations

Download the Plugit app from App Store or Play Store. Locate the nearest charging point around your area and get directed to the charging point by clicking on the navigation icon as shown in the picture below, step 2. 

Plugit will display all the charging station information you need to know. Plugit will notify you before you go to the charging station whether the charger is available, in use, or if there is a problem with the station. This can save you a lot of time and effort. It also displays the charging wattage as well as the rate per kWh.


Step 2: Connect the Charger Plug to your Vehicle

Place your EV at the available charging station and connect the charger plug to your vehicle. 


Step 3: Select Payment Method

Once the car and charging station are connected, the charging session can begin. To begin charging, you must typically first authenticate yourself so that the charging station can arrange payment to your account.

Enter the charger ID on your Plugit app and press “Start Charging”. Charging will begin as soon as the charger identified you. When the green LED light in the charging station start blinking, you’ll know that charging is in progress. You can monitor the charging process on the car's dashboard, the charging station, or on the Plugit app while the vehicle is charging.


Step 4: End the Charging Session

When your EV has reached the desired level of charge, the charging session is complete. To end the charging session, you’ll have to do the same way as you started it on step 3: stopping it through the Plugit app.

The charging cable is typically locked to the car while charging to prevent theft and to reduce the risk of electric shock. When you're finished charging, you may need to unlock the cable from the dashboard before removing it.

Finally, unplug the cable and place the charger back to the charging station. Your electric vehicle is now fully charged and ready to go!


Good News

EV drivers who charge at any of our EV charging stations are entitled to preferential parking rates, with FREE parking for the first hour and $0.75 per hour after that. Simply fill out the application and you will be approved within three business days.


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