How to parallel park in 4 simple steps

20 March, 2023

Many new drivers are afraid of parallel parking and try to avoid it because they are concerned about damaging other vehicles or causing a traffic jam behind them.

Parallel parking is a difficult skill to master, but it is required to learn in Singapore because there are only two types of parking in Singapore: parallel parking and vertical parking.

Here's everything you need to know about parallel parking; practice makes perfect.


How to Parallel Park

Step 1: Find the right parking spot.

Parallel parking requires careful examination of the available parking space to determine whether your vehicle will fit. As a rule of thumb, the parking space should be around 1 time the length of your vehicle. Only then should you pull up or continue searching until a suitable parking space available. Once the ideal parking spot has been spotted, put on your double signal to alert the car behind, move 0.5 metre further forward than the front, and maintain your car about 1 metre beside the front vehicle. 


Step 2: Put it in reverse.

Before reversing your vehicle, check your left or right side mirror to ensure no other vehicle or people beside. Next, slowly reverse and tilt your steering at 45 degrees towards your parking space until the middle of your vehicle is parallel to the rear bumper of the other vehicle, then straighten the steering wheel.


Step 3: Slot your car into position.

Now, tilt 45 degrees of your steering wheel to the opposite of your parking space and continue reversing until your vehicle is perfectly aligned with the other vehicles and parallel to the driver's side wall or divider.


Step 4: Straighten and align.

Check your car's distance from the vehicles in front and behind, as well as the road's edge. Always center your car between the two other vehicles, as it allows both cars to have room to exit the spaces. Your car should be between 12 and 18 inches from the vehicles in front and behind. If not, reposition your vehicle until its lines are perfectly parallel and it is centered.


That is all! Looking for a parking lot with fewer cars and larger spaces to practice parallel parking in Singapore? We have few parking locations where beginners can practice parallel parking. Simply click on the location below to get navigation.



  1. Golden Mile Tower
  2. 10 Raeburn Park
  3. 202 Kallang Bahru
  4. 18 New Industrial Road
  5. 39 UBI Road 1


Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. The more you practice parallel parking with these tips, the easier it becomes to master the skill without fear or risk of colliding with other parked vehicles. 

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